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monday 21. january 2008 – friday 25. january 2008
Brussels -OKNO HQ
The second workshop in this series will focus on two different ways of building wireless sensor networks, both using open-source software...

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code31 is an open studio for research, development and discussion about techniques and methodologies in media art. It is an initiative which stimulates interchange between several artistic disciplines and serves as the space needed to experiment with new technologies. code31 gathers artists, engineers and scientists: people who concentrate on the symbiosis of art and technology, through experiment and reflection......

/ meetings

The main set-up is the openLab: a place where artists can experiment and develop and discuss the feasibility of their media art, as well as teach, learn and develop new technologies. Interested participants are free to join the weekly sessions. Questions and answers, problem posing/solving and development are researched and shared with fellow artists, designers and engineers. In this way, media artists build their own technical workspace and initiate collaborations, navigating through a landscape of technology. With our philosophy of teaching one another, code31 has grown to become something akin to a tech self-help group.

/ diversification

code31 meetings don't fit one theme, nor one fixed technology. Content and research domains depend on the people present at the meetings. Every participant comes with his own interests/projects/context. Everyone contributes by sharing their know-how and knowledge with the group, as well as formulating problems, questions and early ideas. This approach leads to a dynamic research pattern which touches upon very diverse aspects in the artistic and technical evolution.

/ projects-workshops

code31 is not directed towards production nor realization of finished products. It's aimed at confronting tomorrow's reality and ideas with today's technology, choices and options. This does not inhibit outcomes in form of public events. Experiments and research can take place in a public context, confronting and studying feasibility. Problem-solving in a group can be interesting, but sometimes it requires additional, specialized knowledge. The meetings with specialists are organized in the form of workshops. To ensure continuity of knowledge-spreading and transmission, we use an open website (wiki). This is our dynamic archive of shared knowledge, open to the world. Our main fields of attention are: audio/visual computing, open-source software, DIY, robotics, electronics (mainly digital), code hacking.



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